This is a sample site demonstrating two SAGE products: SAGE WebExpress and SAGE PromoSearch. SAGE WebExpress is our basic website module. You get your own SAGE WebExpress website absolutely FREE with your subscription to SAGE Total Access. You can easily customize your site by choosing a background, changing the button style, modifying text, adding your company logo and pictures, and much more!

SAGE PromoSearch is our complete e-commerce solution for either your WebExpress site or your own website! With SAGE PromoSearch, your customers can search our vast database of promotional products directly from your website. The "Search" and "View Cart" buttons at the top as well as the QuickSearch and category list on the left are all part of the PromoSearch module. Click on a category to see how PromoSearch works. You'll quickly notice that there are no line names, item numbers, or ASI #s anywhere in our search area, so your customers can't use your search engine and then shop around for the best price! Instead, the item numbers that are listed are SAGE Product Codes, which amazingly give your company a unique set of item numbers for the entire database! Once a customer finds an item, he or she can request more information, get a quote, and even place an online order (with electronic art attached). Feel free to do some sample searches and orders to see how easy it is.

For more information on SAGE WebExpress and SAGE PromoSearch, please visit our corporate site at www.sageworld.com.